My Blessing from My Daily Bible Reading

with meditations by my mother, Poetess Gertrude Sanborn


Genesis 14:4-ĖGenesis 17:27





"Sarai, Abramís wife bare him no children, and had an hand maid"

Sometimes we think that we know more than God. This is a dangerous mental attitude.   First of all--it is not true. Second of all--it gets our human reasoning powers out of whack. How could beautiful Sarai be so stupid? Here she had a husband who adored her. He didnít even have a concubine. Abram acquired those in his later life after his beloved wifeís death.

Because she wanted a child so very much, she came up with an evil plan. She decided to give her husband her handmaiden, a girl they had picked up during a faith lapse in Egypt a few years before. Now--Hagar was older, and of child bearing age, an ideal female for Abraham to be with. This way Sarah could have a child!

Perhaps we should give Sarai the benefit of the doubt. It was to Abram that the promises were given, not to his wife. She may not have had the "faith," at that time, to believe God. But what about Abram? It was his faith in the true God that had caused them to move from their homeland of Ur to an unknown land. Why did he succumb to Saraiís suggestion?

Taking Hagar was not a step of faith. It was all of the flesh, and, as we know, deeds done in the flesh produce nothing but trouble and heartache. So--the birth of Ishmael has brought nothing but sorrow to the people of Israel from the day that Sarai gave Hagar to her husband. Therefore, the whole world is suffering today with Islamís false religions because of Saraiís bad advice and Abram listening to such drivel. (ysw)


(Psalm 23:3)

"If we would just trust that Godís way is the best way, we would be spared much anxiety!"



And they said unto him, Where is Sarah thy wife? And he said, Behold, in the tent. And he said, I will certainly return unto thee according to the time of life; and, lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son.  (Genesis 18:10)



Under God's Care,


Yvonne S. Waite


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